With winter upon us our thoughts are turning to Spring and getting back on the water again. My first trip is usually to a lake for the big browns cruising the shoreline. With that in mind I decided to have a still water swap. what is your favorite go to fly for lakes and ponds.
This is open to 12 tiers and myself. Signup by Dec 15th and flies to me by Jan 15th. All the usuall applies ship in sturdy container with return postage in stamps only, that type of thing any questions pm me. this is my first as a swapmaster so bear with me.
this swap is open to any fly used in still water for any type of fish be it bass, crappie, whatever.

1. White43 - green meanie - RECEIVED
2. DianeID - brown leech - RECEIVED
3. Bassman - Boa Yarn Leech - RECEIVED 4. HMD - rabbit fur blood leech RECEIVED5. fish4trout - Marlee Midge - RECEIVED
6. gigmaster - Hard-Hackle Worm - RECEIVED
7. littlebassy - Barbie Bug - RECEIVED
8. ckjacks - jiggies - RECEIVED
9. Danbob - egg sucking canada blood leech RECEIVED
10. hotrodkas - chickaree Crawdad RECEIVED11. Donald Nicolson - midge - Shipped
12. Aftershaft - Blue Damsel dry or nymph - DELIVERED
Flies can be mailed to:
Bob Butt
6022 E. Powerliine Rd
Nampa, Idaho 83687