To throw in my two cents here: John, you may be the only one who can answer you own question-- which line do YOU think it works best with? Put your 3wt line on it and try it out. If that over-loads it way too much, then a 1wt line may be best.

That brings up the question, what is a "true one-weight"? I would say the definition is a rod that is loads full with a 1-wt line to 30'. Lots people are casting their 1wts in the 15-25' range, and for that application, a 2wt or 3wt line may be more suitable with a "true one-weight" rod.

I heard the CCS system mentioned here, so I'll throw this out there: You're particular rod is listed with a 2.02 IP according to the Common Cents System database; with a margin of error, call it 2.00. What that means in real terms is that it can cast a 1 or a 2wt line equally as effective, although the 1 may not be so good for short distances. In effect, you can call the rod either a "true 1wt" or a 2wt, its right on the edge.

But Avalon is right, the question should not be "What wt line should I use with my rod?", But "I want to use a 1wt line casting to 25', what is a suitible rod?"