Hi everyone,

I'm going to be in Destin on a family vacation October 7 - 14, and plan to bring my gear to fly fish.

I'm a hardcore trout bum and striper hunter here in TN, and have never fished salt. That said, I'm planning to bring my 6wt, 8wt, and another 8wt bamboo (south bend), along with a herd of clousers, deceivers, arkansas bucktails, crease flies, and a kayak. I'll have a floating line (cortland 444 pike musky taper - great with large flies), and a shooting head with either full sink or intermediate options.

What's the fishing like in Destin? Should I fish the bays or the surf? The local shop here is owned by a guy that used to live in Ft. Walton. He recommended not fishing the bays at all and just fishing the surf with a deceiver.

So, is my gear adequate for the fishing I want to do? I figured the 8wt is for sure, as I've used it to catch 20+ pound stripers with no problems.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Oh, and can someone give me the names of some good fly shops in the area?