I have held off long enough to start this swap. This will be for 12 tyers including myself. You will need to tie up 11 flies one for each of the other tyers. The flies you tie must be from the FOTW Archive for 2006. It is ok to tie the same fly as someone else as this will show others style of tying. Just be sure your fly comes from the 2006 archive.

Send your flies in a box big enough and strong enough to hold the flies you will be getting in return. Please enclude a self addressed and stamped envelope no metered postage strips please, big enough for return postage to you to hold the box you send.

Sign up deadline will be October 1 with flies due to be in my hands to mail back out to you no later then Novermber 1.

Please do not forget to toe tag your flies.

My Shipping Addy Is:

John E. Eaton
212 Avenue C
Knoxville, TN 37920

I will be tying the Reverse Spider.

My Version.
Hook: Eagle Claw L052 #8
Thread: Black UTC70
Body: Medium Black Chenille
Hackle and Tail: Wood Duck
Cover last tie in point with

I hope to have many tiers join in on this one. Thanks in advance. John

1: bassman - Reverse Spider - Mine Are Done - Received
2: ckhanna - Robb's Little Wiggler - Received - Received
3: njsimonson - Soft Hackle - Received
4: Bubba Elwood Gump Esa - Boa Yarn Leech - Received - Received
5: TerryB - Pull Back Nymph - Done and In Hand - Received
6: Feenom - Pete's Rogue River Special - Received - Received
7: Badbug - Silver Outcast - Received - Received
8: Hoboflyfisher - Gray Boa Leech - Received - Received
9: DianeID - King's River Caddis - Received - Received

10: Tyler - Caterpiller - Received - Received
11: white43 - Hatch's Jelly Bean - Received - Received
12: mr. blur - Hairwing Dun PMD - Received - Received

***************Swap is now Full*****************