Top 5 fly fishing destinations in texas

  1. raiderhunter
    I wanted to compile a list of the top fly fishing destinations in texas. Everyone always thinks that we have no water and therfore we have no good fly fishing. We may not have the snake river, the henry's fork, or the white river, but we do have some good fishing in some surprising spots.
  2. Quade
    Lake Graham in Graham, Texas is a good spot. A lot of weed-beds and great bluegill and bass habitat.
  3. texfly
    As far as close to home , for me the best fishing is a little known tailwater called Coleto Creek. It,s all sand bottom so with the exception of a time of heavy rain the water is crystal clear. You can wade shallow water and sight cast to blue gill and bass all day. A light weight rod , some foam hoppers is all you need. I lose count of the number of fish in an hour. It's my favorite local spot.
  4. Tracy
    How about Dangerfield in East Texas, a beautiful small lake with clear water. It holds chain pickerel that provide a different fishing experience and a chance to start the season early.
  5. Quade
    There is a spot on Walnut Creek in my town where the carp get up to about 32 inches and they are pretty much locked into this one hole.
  6. texfly
    Well I am always bringing this up , but the best place in the state for me is The Lower Guadalupe during trout season. It's the next best thing to real mountain fishing we get here in Texas. Clear flowing water around your feet and casting to a rising trout. That's as good as it get's for me.
  7. bugman
    dangerfield has a lake ? im gonna hafta check it out 1 day... anyhow i have to say that fairfield lake is the best place fer BIG breams... 1lb up to 3lbs each but its a lake what needs to be fished in cool weather like early spring, fall and winter because of the power plant that uses the lakes water to help with cooling the equipment... beetles, gurglers and poppers in sizes 12 down to 14 works best... the best fishing area is what i call area 51 but its just the # of a camp spot... its around 8 or 10$ for a tent camp spot... there is a grass/weed line on area 51 and a channel through that part of the lake... if ya cast between the weedlines thats where i had the best luck... caddo lake is good fer chain pickerel in the state park area and pikes are good in the old riverboat what runs from the state park all the way to the red river and that is marked with signs... the pickerel & pike bite on shad flies made from wings & flash on a size 2/0 hook best...
  8. bugman
    i fish lots of other places too but i would have to write several books to tell all the information... anyone interested in fishin with a fellow flyfisher on a weekend can call me ivan crews at 903-353-6389... if ya git the answerin machine it says mike piles but i just put that on there cause of telemarketers...
  9. kelkay
    I have heard a lot about Fairfield, but have not been there yet. A lot of people like Lake Texoma at the Denison Dam. Make sure if you go there then that you check to see if they are generating. If they aren't you'd be wasting a trip. Wright Patman spillway has some decent fishing. Daingerfield State Park is the place somebody mentioned before. Then you have Caddo Lake. Bob Sandlin is okay. Lake O' The Pines can be good one day, bad another. There used to be a decent amount of fish to be caught at their spillway, but the past year or so on average, it has not been good at all. Oops, I almost forgot the mighty Lake Fork. Lots of people just love it. Unless you have a boat, I would not bother going. The turtles will drive you crazy there.
  10. DeRidder
    I have fished both Dangerfiels and Fairfield with TFR when the still had those great get togethers both are fine lakes and well suited for flyfishin out of tubes or yaks, the lake I want to fish sometime in the near future is the Lake of the pines, it holds just about every species from gilleys to chain pickrel and all bass inbetween.
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