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Back It Up--now!!

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how many times have you heard it? Back up your files because after your hard drive crashes, you'll need it.

well, i didn't, and it did, and now i do, but i don't have it...

new hard drive installed by spouse: $150
re-installing all the old programs from all the old disks: $0.00, time: 4 hrs.
sending the old damaged drive to the recovery experts: more $ than you want to consider unless it's your business you're resurrecting.

now i am busy making this laptop back into the neat machine i had before. all my toolbar bookmarks are gone, my incredible collection of fishing/fly tying/shops/guides bookmarks is gone, my entire e-mail and Christmas address book is gone. really, it's just like a fire.

so i'll join those who've had their lives interrupted by hardware crashes: BACK IT UP NOW. and if you don't know how, find out. we're using an external drive to back up this computer. every day or every week, i'll just instruct the laptop to dump everything it knows on to this external drive. i'm told those little thumb drives can do it too. whatever--just do it.