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  1. Warren, how many Pine Squirrel Crayfish have you tied?

  2. Ed,

    Yes, I had a great day. I fished from Cortner Mill down to almost the bluff area before the dark clouds chased me back to the truck. I wanted to check that section of the river out for the disabled vets outing for Friday and Saturday. I caught 15 trout. They were holding in the deep fast water and really liked the PSC that I had weighted with a tungsten bead. They also hit an olive bugger which was also weighted with a tungsten bead.

    Come fish when you can,

    Thanks, Warren
  3. Warren, I had forgotten that your birthday falls on Julius Caesar Appreciation Day. I hope that you had a great day on the river.
  4. Oh heck! It's a conspiracy. First Betty, then Uncle Jesse, now Warren. LF is surrounding me with "Designated Adults"!!!

  5. Looking forward to heading out again this Saturday. It's a good thing that Miss Betty doesn't know anything about that spot.
  6. Ed,

    As long as you had a good time is all I ask for. Until the next time.....

  7. Warren,
    I had a ball chasing those non-trouts Saturday. Thanks!

  8. Ed,

    Yes, I did catch 40 trout last Sunday from the Duck River, but, none from the only hole Jack fishes. I waded from Cortner's Mill all the way to the bluff area and had the river all to myself and had a great day! Today, another one of our club members wanted to go and he is just getting into fly fishing serious, so, I took him and we fished the same stretch on the Duck and he caught 10 trout and I caught 25! Another great day!!!

    Jack usually only fishes the hole right there below Cortner Dam and I did not find much action there and feel it gets "pounded" pretty hard by everyone, so, I usually just skip it. You need to come fish some day.

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