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  1. Charlaine,
    See if you can help this guy.


    I sent several messages to the webmaster requesting access but I guess what ever I did ??
    at any rate , I won't bother you any longer ,,, made three attempts ,,, I get the picture

    Take care

  2. Charlaine,
    Received your message on our answering machine but part of your phone number I could not understand. Please send me an email at my personal account at

  3. Charlaine,
    I read John Scotts email to you about why he wants to be removed from the BB. I really have no idea what he is talking about when he said that I wrote that someone, and I'm assuming that it was John, wrong headed, or any of the other comments that he alleges that I wrote in an article that I wrote. I have never written any thing like that in anything that I have written. I'm sorry that he decided to drop out from FAOL but perhaps it is better that he is gone.

    Merry Christmas and may you have a better New Year.

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