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  1. Hey, Chris! It's so good to be in touch again. Lots going on for me, too, most of it great. Health-wise has been up and down as usual but my partner and I are part of a newly forming ecovillage co-housing neighborhood forming here in Ithaca, NY. It's all about sustainable living and neighbors that really end up knowing each other. We're in the project up to our eyeballs and are crossing our fingers that we can manage the finances. It's quite exciting. Some of the folks are excited to get involved in fly fishing and woodturning, so I'm feeling great about it. Take a look at the website I built for the project if you like,

    So are you still enjoying the fishing? Life treating you ok?

  2. Hiya Girl! Wow, ... long time ... over 2 years??!!! Lots happened in in two years. I'll tell 'ya about it some time.

    Maybe someday we'll meet up. Until then, take care.
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