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  1. They are ready to go. All I need is an address to send them to. You can either PM me or email it to kevin"at"
  2. I have teh Stonefly and Mayfly burners done. Take a look in the Fly Tying Forum
  3. I have not done anything with them as yet. I saw some wing burners on the web that I though might work out a touch better.

    Now, I know you were, or are, in the service and that you have a disability of some sort. Is your grip affected? If so, can you handle hemostats? The burners I saw have the shapes epoxied to the tips of hemostats. Put your feather in, clamp it down and burn away. If that sounds like something that would work better than the flat brass "tweezers" style, let me know and that is what I will work up. I have a bunch of hemostats I picked up really cheap.
  4. how did thouse patters work out sug
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