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  1. Thanks so much, I'd love to try your flies. Mail to:
    Fly Anglers OnLine
    P.O. Box 1959
    Poulsbo, WA 98370
  2. Deanna,
    I had promised to send JC some of my fly patterns. I ended up in the hospital back in February, and now that Summer is here, I am back to my old fly fishing self.
    Was up in Bighorn, Wyoming fishing the Little Goose, & Jackson Creeks (on my wife's Granma's property). I thought of JC, and it felt like he was gazing on, checking out the pattern on the end of my line that was catching those big browns. Please send me your address, and I will mail the fly patterns to you in hopes that you can use them. I hope to finally fish with JC one day on the river of life along with the Disciples and the legends.
    You are in my prayers always !!!
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