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  1. Chris, Are you available to "Fish-In" this year?

  2. I'm there unless I'm in a coffin!
  3. Sounds like you have been busy indeed! Are you going to be able to make the Fish In this year?

  4. I haven't been fishing in PA for months. I've been working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center the past 4 months. I've been doing a good bit of saltwater fising though. It's been awesome! I'm flying back down next tuesday for a week and will spend every extra second on the water. Reds, sea trout, and snook are soo much fun. The pompano run is supposed to be starting around now. I'm hoping to hit that next week. They are supposed to be great eating and even better fighters! If I am down an extended period of time I will let you know. You are more than welcome to come down. I can get you onto Kennedy Space Center as a guest.
  5. Chris, Happy B-Day on 12-2!

  6. Chris-Been to the Little J lately?

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