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  1. Robin, I got a couple of furled leaders from you a couple of years ago. I got the floro carbon and mono ones. I am going up into Arkansas and fly fish on White River with friend I met 3 years ago. He said he uses thread furled leaders and I was wondering if you make those and if so how much are they? Do they come in different colors and different length? I dont know anything else to ask about thiem. When you have time would you please pm me about things I asked? Thanks in advance, Bob Weber
  2. Robin, I still have not recieved a private message or an email from the bulletin boared addresses. Think I need to wait a little longer or contact them again. I do not have any idea how much electronic mail they may recieve. Bob
  3. Robin, I finally finished a furled leader that I am happy with. I was having so much trouble trying to get all the loops off after furling but I finally did it today and then I got the Shorb (I think that is how you spell it) tied correctly. I made it from 4# mono. I was talking with my friend I met in Arkansas and he said that he uses 3/0 line for tying flies and does not use mono because it is too stiff. I know you had mentioned something about different size threads, monos, and flourocarbons. What is your opinion again on using the tying threads? I am going to be fishing mainly for bream, crappie, and bass. Thanks for EVERYTHING and especially your patience with me. Bob
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