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  1. TB, The fires up in northern Idaho ran us out again, so we are down here in the south land, in La Palma and
    just an excuse to stock up on supplies at Bob Marriott's as usual. I am going to try and get in some fly fishing in the surf. I am still working with Project Healing Waters, so will be getting in much fly tying and
    rod building with the Vets. Say HI to the KIDS ?. We should take the Vets up on the upper Owens, if the fires don't chase us out again this year.
    All our best to you and yours. Harry (Crunchy)
  2. Planettrout. Love your pics and details of your midges. Question, Knowing the potential of going head-to-head with a very large
    Brown on the Walker. If you had one of your # 22 flies on, what size tippet would you try to get through the hook eye, and still bring him to net ?
    Crunchy Harry Warner
  3. Harry,

    It's like that with Bob Marriotts...even with a list, when I leave, I always think I "forgot" something...


  4. planettrout,

    The time I had in S. Cal. with my daughter was excellent as usual. However, on my scheduled leave date the airline called and asked if I would accept another date to fly into Seattle, as at the
    present time the terminal was shut down due to a ice/show storm. So I didn't fly out until the next Friday. As luck would have it, I left a few things off my shopping list and had to return to
    Bob Marriott's. So while I was there there were a few more things that jumped off the shelf into
    my shoping basket. All-in-all I had a very good time there. The weather was usual S. Cal type,
    "Warm, sunny and clear. I could see mt. Wilson almost every day.

    Maybe another time we might be able to meet up.

    Crunchy Harry Warner
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